Intropia's Team Leaders

Any company is only as good as it's people and ours is only growing and serving to be amongst the best in the industry. Intropia relies on the latest technology, the brightest people and close collaboration to deliver advanced solutions in diverse fields.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated team of talented staff. We combine creative talents that match and even surpass the best of independent competitors with all the experience, disciplines and engineering skills of a major engineering company.

At Intropia, we have a team of qualified, innovative and motivated professionals in diverse disciplines. We hire qualified and experienced professionals as well as young professionals who exhibit impeccable professional growth potential. 

Eng. Muyomba Paul;- (Founder and Chairman of Intropia)

Eng. Muyomba Paul is a civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the engineering profession. He holds a bachelor of Engineering in Civil, B.Eng(civil). and an Ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering (ODC). He is the founder and chairman of Intropia and currently also serving as the company's head of strategy.

Eng. Muyomba Paul identifies human and material resources to be mobilized to achieve the objectives set out in the contractual agreement signed with the client. He ensures continuous monitoring of project progress against focused documents.

He manages the contractual arrangements with the clients, particularly in terms of billing services. He manages contracts for all providers and suppliers, sub-contractors, internal and external to the company.

Eng. Muyomba Paul, manages all relationships with all the regulatory bodies mandated by the client. He provides reporting, advise and assistance on all technical and financial issues periodically as needed. He ensures compliance with the company policy guidelines, standards and as may be required by the client.

He has completed conceptual, feasibility and detailed designs for numerous storied buildings, water supply systems, prepared tender documents, procured contracts and supervised construction activities. 

He is in charge of laying the company's strategic plans and assignments for the constructional works. He has served as project director / team leader on several major projects that Intropia has handled. 

Previously before starting up Intropia, Eng. Muyomba Paul gained a lot of experience and had a lot of exposure in various engineering technologies with the various construction companies in Uganda. i.e. HL Investments Ltd, Pearl Engineering Company Ltd, Energo Uganda Ltd, and Complant Engineering Ltd.


Nankumba Lydia;- (C.E.0 and Managing Director)

Nankumba Lydia is a business administration graduate with more than 8 years experience in the business administration profession. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). She is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Intropia. 

She is in charge of providing business leadership in developing and implementing the company's strategic plans to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. She is in charge of directing the company's management of financial and operational systems, procedures and controls. 

Nankumba Lydia also provides strategic directions on new investments, business opportunites and initiatives over the long term. She advises the board on business plans and operation issues and communicate and lead the implementation of the board's decisions. 

She maintains and develops organisational culture, values and reputation with all staff, customers, suppliers, partners, and regulatory bodies. She promotes sound corporate governance and ethical standards at all levels with in the company. She ensures accountability at all levels of the company and builds support for the vision, mission, goals and direction of the company. 

Nankumba Lydia establishes an effective structure ensuring that there is management focus on key functions necessary for the company to deliver on its vision, and articulates priorities to ensure management focuses on accountability of identified priorities. 

Eng. Tayebwa Herbert ;- (Technical Director)

Eng. Tayebwa Herbert is a civil engineer with 3 years experience in the civil engineering profession. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil, B.Eng(civil). He is the technical director of Intropia. He is in charge of all major civil and water engineering designs for the company's works.

He manages various site work processes with emphasis on managing and controlling the schedule, time and cost. He ensures the proper execution of all site works to meet the design requirements and specifications of the client. He prepares construction method statements for different construction jobs.

He carries out tests on construction materials for the purpose of quality control. He conducts various construction material surveys and investigations. He develops project schedules, monitors actual project progress against the base line plans and in case of delays, develops measures to mitigate their effects so as to ensure timely delivery of projects. He estimates resource quantities and costs, and integrates them into the project schedule to ensure better control of resource acquisition and usage. 

Before joining Intropia, Eng. Tayebwa Herbert worked with Energo Project, on a road construction project from Mpigi, Kanoni to Sembambule 2017, in the lab department. He also worked on the construction of Twed Plaza, offering building services in the concrete department in 2019. It included collection and analysis of data pertaining to the concrete works, evaluation and supervision of workers. 

Eng. Murishid Ali;- (Electrical Engineer)

Eng. Murishid Ali is an electrical engineer with 5 years experience in the electrical engineering profession. He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, (BEE). He is the electrical engineer of Intropia. He is in charge too of all major electrical engineering designs and works for the company. He manages and supports the field operations on projects of the company, ensuring all his juniors and other crew have materials, equipment, and information necessary to complete the job at hand. He is responsible for improving efficiency and streamlining operations especially in electrical maintenance and responsible for other electrical activities ranging from domestic to industrial. 

He supervisors assigned electricians, ensuring personal safety and safety of the team he works with. He is responsible for the development and testing of electrical engineering aspects like trials, new machines, and any other new innovation and following up to their results in order to fulfil the company's objectivities and goals. He is responsible for all domestic and industrial electrical equipment installations, testing of electrical and electronic components for continuity, current voltage and resistance and general maintenance of electrical equipment. 

Before joining intropia, Eng. Murishid Ali worked with MUTICO as a lines man, with UETCL as a sub station / Lines Technician, with FERDSULT ENGINEERING on the project for the improvement of Queensway substation as a sub station / Lines Technician, and with MODEST ASSOCIATES mostly for line construction and maintenance in capacity of assistant project engineer. 


Eng. Ddamba Lawrence ;- (Water Engineer)

Eng. Ddamba Lawrence is a water engineer with more than 4 years experience in the water profession. He holds a higher diploma in Civil Engineering, (HDC) and an Ordinary Diploma in water engineering, (ODWE). He is Intropia's water engineer and in charge of all field operations. He prepares daily activity schedules and progress reports. 

He enforces site safety rules and regulations. He ensures that all construction site workers follow the rules defined in the work plan. He carries out job safety analysis before any construction activity is executed and advise the technical director accordingly. 

Before joining Intropia, Eng. Ddamba Lawrence worked widely in the water sector with the National Water and Sewage Corporation of Uganda.

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