A latrine is a toilet or an even simpler facility that is used as a toilet with a sanitation system. For example, it can be a communal trench in the earth, in a camp to be used as an emergency sanitation, a hole in the ground, or more advanced designs. 

Ecosan Latrine

Ecosan latrine is a closed system that does not need water, so is an alternative to pit latrine toilets in places where water is scarce or where the water table is high and the risk of ground water contamination is increased. 

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Advantages of Ecosan Latrines

- They do not require water so are appropriate in areas where there is no adequate water supply. 

- Squatting is normal to many people and thus acceptable to users. 

- Alternating double pits will allow the excreta to drain, degrade, and transform in a nutrient rich, safe humic material that can be used to improve soils. 

- Ecological sanitation can be viewed as a three step process dealing with human excreta, containment, sanitation and recycling. 

- It helps in recovering bio energy.

- It prevents the degradation of soil fertility. 

- It enhances agricultural output. 

- It reduces water pollution by curbing surface and ground water pollution. 

Pit Latrines

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Importance of Toilet 

Toilets are crucial for the health development of people, not to mention children. so is sanitation - facilities and services for safe disposal of human urine and excreta includes maintaining hygiene through services such as garbage collection and waste water disposal. 

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