Water is distributed over and across land by gravity, over land flow of water no mechanical pump required. The 3 most common methods are basin irrigation, border irrigation and furrouu irrigation. Water is typically introduced at the highest point or along the edge of the field, which allows covering the field by over land flow. 

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Advantages of Surface Irrigation

- Management is quite easy, you do not need any modern technology. 

- You do note need high financial support.

- If you have short time water supplies, then this the best process. 

- If the drainage system is far, they you just need longer tubes. 

- It is nature friendly system, you can utilize rain water.

- It works effectively in a low filtration rate type of soil. 

- Low capital and no energy cost needed. 

- It can be used in sloping land and long fields. 

Disadvantages of Surface Irrigation

- Level lands require high accuracy, you can not use it there. 

- It is a big no-no for big fields. 

- Not applicable on soil with high filtration rate.

- Plants are always covered by water even when they do not need it.

- No drainage outlet

- Some times limited space gets more water than required. 

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